Dermasound Ultrasonic Exfoliation

All skin types can benefit from the Dermasound Elite treatments including acne.     

DermaSound is a non-invasive facial procedure that utilizes water and ultrasonic frequency to loosen and remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Once the dead skin cells are removed from the skin, collagen and elastin production are stimulated, which will help to heal connective tissues in the skin. DermaSound reduces discoloration that is caused by sun damage and scars due to acne. In addition, the procedure unclogs the pores, protects against acne breakouts, diminishes the appearances of fine lines and wrinkles that often occur with aging and hydrates the skin, leading to firmer skin.

What is DermaSound used for?

DermaSound is being used to effectively treat acne, fine lines and wrinkles, damage due to UV rays, sensitive skin and manage Rosacea. The procedure is also beneficial as a prevention to combat aging skin. With regular treatments and appropriate care at home, DermaSound has been successful at removing bacteria from the skin, which promotes a healthier, smoother and cleaner complexion.

What will the results be like?

Because the DermaSound treatment purifies the skin, clients are left with a smooth and soft complexion as a result. The face will feel fresh and clear of toxins and bacteria that give a dull appearance of the skin. During the procedure, pores are unclogged which will allow serums and moisturizing products to penetrate deeper into the skin, furthering tissue repair. It should be noted that while most clients will notice immediate results, maximum results cannot be acquired after one session. Rather, a series of regular treatments will provide maximum results to those wishing to beautify and purify their skin’s appearance.

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