Rescue Balm


Rescue Balm is specifically designed for severely compromised barriers that experience stinging when they apply products. This Omega 3 and Cholesterol enriched cream help to quickly restore the skin barrier and suppressing inflammation.

Key Ingredients:

Sunflower Oil:

High in Linoleic acid, it helps to restore the skin barrier and suppress inflammation.

Kiwi Seed Oil:

High in Omega 3, Kiwi Seed Oil is highly anti-inflammatory. They increase the moisture and support skin membrane function.

Hydrogenated Lecithin:

Contains 97% Phosphatidylcholine which acts as a second skin and helps to restore the skin barrier. Phosphatidylcholine is an essential component of cell membranes. It increases the hydration of the skin and also increases wound healing times.

Powerful Anti-inflammatory blend of Ashwagandha, Asparagus, Perilla, and Boswell is.

Babchi Extract( Psoralea Corylifolia):

Psoralea is one of only 2 plants that contain a substance called Bakuchiol. Bakuchiol has potent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and collagen stimulating Properties. Babchi stimulates Collagen 1, 3 and 4 production.

Boswellia Extract:

Protects collagen and elastin. It inhibits pro-inflammatory mediators in the body. Boswellia has also shown efficacy with reversing photoaging and wrinkles as well, making it anti-aging.


Cholesterol is an essential component of the lipid bilayer and topical application restores the skin barrier quickly.

Locust Bean Gum:

Locust Bean Gum has a tensing effect on the skin giving a sensation of skin tightening and firming.

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